Monday Movie Meme: Great Expectations

Thanks to Molly from the wonderful Bumbles Blog for creating this meme! This week’s theme is: Great Expectations. Make sure you check to what the upcoming Monday Movie Memes are!

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Monday Movie Meme

What’s the last movie you saw that was much better than expected?
A million ways to die in the west gifHmm…the first movie that comes to mind is A Million Ways to Die in the West, with Seth MacFarlane and the beautiful Charlize Theron. When I saw the trailers I knew I wanted to see it but didn’t have super high expectations for it. It looked funny, but “dumb” funny.

When my family rented it from RedBox and popped in the DVD player on a Friday night, I was pleasantly surprised! Yes, it was really dumb, but it had a lot more funny than I anticipated. While there were definitely parts that made my groan and/or roll my eyes, I thought it was hilarious and now my family quotes it all the time. (“People die at the fair!”) Now it’s on HBO frequently and I’m always happy to watch whatever part I happen to flip on to.

What’s an upcoming/newly released movie that you can’t wait to see?
Wow are there a lot of movies I want to see coming out this spring/summer/year.  (In no particular order) I’m wicked excited for The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2The Avengers: Age of UltronStar Wars VII (the new trailer gave me goosebumps), Pitch Perfect 2, just to name a few… But one that’s coming out sooner and one of the ones I’m most excited for is Jurassic World.
chris prattNot only is Jurassic Park in my top ten favorite movies of all time, but the Jurassic World trailer is so beautiful and perfect it nearly brings me to tears. Between the new dinosaur hybrid (obviously a terrible idea), the action sequences, the magnificent Jessica Chastain’s Academy Award worthy yelling of “RUN,” heart throb Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle alongside velociraptors and the classic John Williams music playing in the background at just the right times, there is no way anyone can not be excited for this movie. However, I am a little nervous because I did not like The Lost World: Jurassic Park. But I did like Jurassic Park III which brought back my favorite character, Alan Grant. So, the lack of Dr. Grant makes me a little nervous…but I still can’t imagine being disappointed by Jurassic World.

**Full Disclosure** I watched the trailer again (for the 426th time, probably) and still got goosebumps and welled up with emotion. June 12 can’t come soon enough.

What’s the last movie you saw that was much worse than expected?
WhiplashEvery year I watch all the Oscar nominated films for Best Picture, Actor and Actress. So, once a year I watch a lot of critically-acclaimed movies that aren’t necessarily people pleasers. While I watched a lot of movies that I didn’t really like, one that I was expecting to like but didn’t was Whiplash.

I thought JK Simmons was great and totally deserved his Oscar and I am a fan of Miles Teller…but I really did not like this movie. Neither character was really likable and it’s not a very exciting movie either. I also don’t see why it was nominated for Best Picture.

What’s an upcoming/newly released movie that you couldn’t be paid to see?
Unfriended and Before I Wake…they both look like they might be good, but I hate horrors. I find no joy in being terrified, it only keeps up at night and makes more afraid of the dark than I normally am. The only way I could be convinced to watch a scary movie is if Ansel Elgort, Dylan O’Brien, Josh Hutcherson, all/any member of One Direction and/or a Hemsworth promised to watch it with me and keep me safe through the night.

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