Monday Movie Meme: Star Wars

First and foremost, May the 4th be with you.

This week’s theme is: Star Wars! *cue light saber sound effects* Make sure you check to what the upcoming Monday Movie Memes are!

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Monday Movie Meme

What’s you favorite Star Wars movie?
Star Wars Return of the JediDefinitely Return of the Jedi. I recently rewatched the trilogy because I realized I couldn’t remember what happened in each movie specifically or really distinguish one from the other. Clearly this had to be remedied. After I watched The Empire Strikes Back I had another realization: pretty much everything cool hasn’t happened yet. So after seeing all the best parts (the Princess Leia in The Gold Bikini scene, Luke finally capable of doing anything, that sand worm monster, “I love you” “I know,” Ewoks…) I knew that Jedi was by far the best in the series.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
StormtroopersDo Stormtroopers count? I love Stormtroopers. I’ve found that there are three kinds of people: 1. Awesome people who love Stormtroopers, people who just get it; 2. Sad people who do not understand the awesome essence of Stormtroopers and don’t see their point; and 3. People who haven’t seen Star Wars (unfortunately these people exist).

Since Stormtroopers as a whole isn’t technically a character…I’d have to go with either Han Solo or Leia…but also R2D2, C3PO and Yoda…actually it’s too hard to pick.

Are Episodes I, II and III really as bad as everyone says?
jar jar binksI haven’t gotten to rewatching the prequel trilogy yet. So, I haven’t seen these movies since they first came out (in 1999, 2003 and 2005) when I was little. Child version of me thought these movies were really good. But I also liked Jingle All The Way and Kazam.

I need to watch them again to make a more informed opinion. But my prediction is that I will think they are okay/good but not great. I will also probably think that people give them way too much shit than they actually deserve. Much like Nickleback, I won’t hate them but I’ll think all the haters are hilarious.

If you’re introducing someone to Star Wars, in what order do you watch them?
I have always been a firm believer there is only one answer: the order they were released — IV, V, VI, I, II, III. I always thought there two options: release order (right) and episode order (wrong). However, I recently learned about another method for watching the series: The Ernst Rister Order/The Machete Ordersuggested viewing order Star Wars moviesI’ll leave you to read the article(s) if you care for a full explanation, but I must say that it’s actually pretty convincing. The main points are that the Ernst Rister Order and Machete Order allow you to start and end with the (better) original trilogy, A New Hope gives the best introduction the Star Wars universe, watching Episode V before the prequel trilogy avoids spoilers and Return of the Jedi offers the most satisfying ending.

While this makes a lot of sense, I need some time to let this order marinate before I sign off on it. For now I’ll stick with the ever popular Release Order.

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. Feelings?
Chewie we're homeF@#%ING STOKED. You have seen the second trailer, right? Holy shit. It looks amazing. I’m almost as excited for The Force Awakens as I’m excited for Jurassic World and the trailer makes almost as emotional. Not only are Luke, Leia and Han back, but there’s a bunch of other potentially awesome bad ass characters. Rey looks so freaking cool in the short time I see her I can’t imagine how awesome she is in the full film and A STORMTROOPER WITH A NAME. Finn is probably going to be the best character of time holy cow I don’t know how to contain myself. It also took me -4 seconds to fall in love with BB8.

All I know is that December 18 is going to be a mad house in every movie theater across the country and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

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