Monday Movie Meme: Second Chances

Thanks to Molly from the wonderful Bumbles Blog for creating this meme! This week’s theme is: Second Chances. Make sure you check to what the upcoming Monday Movie Memes are!

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Monday Movie MemeWhat sequels do you think are better than the original?
As a general rule of thumb, sequels are not better than the original. However, there are two exceptions: super hero movies and book adaptations.

Dark Knight Joker clappingSuper hero movie sequels are often better (or at least more exciting) than the original because they don’t have to spend the first half of the movie in the origin story, you get a lot more of the suited up hero in the sequel(s). My favorite super hero movie of all time is The Dark Knight. I liked Batman Begins and it’s important for setting up the rest of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, but you don’t even see Batman until well into the movie. The Dark Knight not only gets into the action from the start but it stars Batman’s most notorious villain, The Joker — not to mention that Heath Ledger’s performance is iconic.

Harry Potter I love magicA lot of book-turned-movie sequels are better than the original for a lot of the same reasons. For example, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone there’s a lot of set up at the Dursely’s and introduction to the wizarding world, whereas in the following movies Harry shows up at Hogwarts much sooner and we get to see more ~magic~.

What’s your favorite sequel?
The Dark Knight is strong competitor, but my favorite sequel has got to be Toy Story 3. The whole Toy Story trilogy is very personal for me as it is for a lot of Toy Story 3 Woody wavingmy generation. It felt like I grew up with Andy and the toys; I have had a Woody doll (complete with my name on the bottom of his boot) since childhood, I have a “to infinity and beyond” tattoo with my sister and I even graduated from high school the same that Toy Story 3 came out, so it really hit close to home. Toy Story 3 is a great movie by its own right and is the perfect ending to the series. (I know Pixar is making Toy Story 4, but it’s not a continuation of the trilogy.) Even though it absolutely breaks my heart and I can barely talk about this movie without at least tearing up, it’s one of my favorite movies.

No three words stir up more emotion from me than: “So long, partner.”
*cries under my desk*

What sequels probably shouldn’t have been made?
littlefoot tree starThere are a lot, but the first thing that came to mind was Land Before Time 2-789 (or however many there are). When I was very young and the movies were first coming out I loved them. As a child I thought the musical numbers were fun and liked watching all the various prehistoric adventures. But now when I go back and watch I appreciate the simplicity of the first Land Before Time and I know the original was the only one that should have been made.

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