The Scorch Trials Trailer Breakdown

The Scorch Trials trailer came out yesterday and I’m cautiously pumped about it. Take a look:

Some thoughts while watching the trailer*:

0:11 – Shut up, Ava.

0:16 – Well, Newt has the key to my heart.

0:24 – Yas, cinematography!

0:21 – Honestly, Dylan, how do you look so good dirty? I’ll never be that attractive when I’m clean.

0:26 – Little Finger Aidan Gillen is going to be perfect in this.

0:33 – I’m too hot.

0:35 – Hot damn.

0:45 – RIP :'(

0:59 – Newt, you’re so cute and so naive.

1:02 – Um, wtf are those?

1:07 – Oh, yeah.

1:11 – Oh, hell yeah.

1:15 – I guess it wouldn’t be a Maze Runner series trailer without Thomas barely making it trough a closing door. *panic attack*

1:20 – Well, they I don’t call you Dylan Bæ’Brien for nothing.

1:32 – Bow chicka wah wah

1:35 – CRANKS

1:48 – Is it September yet?!

*I left out the “well, that never happened in the book” thoughts I had about every 5 seconds.

While it looks like a good sequel to The Maze Runner, almost nothing that happens in the trailer happened in the book. From what we’ve seen from promo shots and now the trailer, we can make a pretty educated guess The Scorch Trials movie is going to be a pretty big departure from the book. But this might not be a bad thing…like I said in my Scorch Trials book review, I liked the book but didn’t love it like I did The Maze Runner. And like I said in my Maze Runner movie review, I loved all the changes they made from the book — they made so much sense for the movie and made it better.

Even though it looks very different from the book, it’s only a trailer and only shows the beginning of the story. The movie could be a lot more true to the book as the plot progresses (once they’re in the Scorch). But even if the movie continues to stray from the book, I think I will be okay with it. There is room for improvement so I’m willing to accept the changes.

All the changes I see look a lot more exciting than the book, which makes sense because it would be relatively boring to spend the first third of the movie watching the Gladers sit in a room.

I can get on board with Thomas taking an early stand against WICKED.
Thomas Scorch Trials gun

I’m excited for any time Aidan Gillen appears (even if it’s a movie too soon).
Dylan and Aidan Scorch Trials
Dylan and Aidan Scorch Trials 2

I’m curious about how you got up there, silly Gladers.
Scorch Trials upside down

Obviously I need a daily dose of claustrophobic stress. (No, I don’t)
Thomas Scorch Trials sliding Thomas Scorch Trials sliding 2

Oh, okay.
Thomas Scorch Trials shower

I’m intrigued to find out why Teresea is here (and where her shoes are).
Scorch Trials cast

The only real concern I have is Brenda (on the right). She didn’t appear in the The Scorch Trials Thomas and Brendatrailer, but she looks so different than she does in the book and I can’t imagine her behaving the same way. She looks like she can easily pull off the tough and bad ass side of Brenda, but book Brenda is also really feminine and flirty which I am not getting at all. Maybe I’m being close-minded and seeing her in action will change my opinion. When I first found out that Sam Claflin was going to play Finnick in Catching Fire I hated that too and now I can’t imagine Finnick being played by anyone else. I guess I’ll just have to wait until September to see how I feel.

Overall, I’m pretty excited for The Scorch Trials and if it’s anything like The Maze Runner movie it’s going to be good.

Also this.
Thomas Scorch Trials shower
Thomas Scorch Trials shower
Thomas Scorch Trials shower
Thomas Scorch Trials shower

Okay, bye.

6 thoughts on “The Scorch Trials Trailer Breakdown

  1. OMH..HAHAHA…I’m laughing so hard, you have a way of saying things, I literally can’t wait for this film!!! :-D


  2. Hmm I’m not so optimistic. Teresa not being there is a massive part of the story in the book. Also in the book, they’re told its a trial and they leave with wicked wanting them to. It just seems to me like theyve made a random movie, with the characters from the book but didnt do anything really along side the story from the book. Just cashing in on the title.


    1. I definitely see where your concerns are coming from, the trailer looks they made a lot of changes. Normally I’m very “go by the book” when it comes to movie adaptions, but based from what I’ve seen I think they might all be welcome changes… I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night if it’s actually good or just too different!


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