Monday Movie Meme: Memorable Endings

Thanks to Molly from the wonderful Bumbles Blog for creating this meme! This week’s theme is: Memorable Endings. Make sure you check to what the upcoming Monday Movie Memes are!

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Monday Movie Meme

What movie has the best ending?
Toy Story 3Aside from movies with great plot twists (since that’s the next question), I’d have to go with Toy Story 3. When I started this meme I had no idea how many times at least one of the Toy Story‘s was going to be my answer. But you can’t deny how perfectly the Toy Story 3 ending wrapped up the series. ~*SPOILER ALERT*~ Everything about it was heartbreakingly beautiful; from the all references to the first movie, to the toys sticking together in the face of death and to Andy (and us, too) ultimately having to let go* of the toys and move on.
*Except, like Rose, I’ll never let go.

What movie had the biggest plot twist/most shocking ending?
It’s so hard to pick one because there are so many movies with great plot twists; but one of the first movies that always comes to mind when talking about great endings is The Usual Suspects. 

The Usual SuspectsIt’s hard to talk about how great this ending is (or any ending, really) without giving anything away, so I won’t. Just trust me, if you haven’t seen The Usual Suspects then you need go watch it. Right now. I’ll wait here.

*1 hour and 46 minutes later*

So how great was that ending?!  I know. You can’t even put into words how good it was. So great.

But I can’t talk about great plot twists without mentioning Fight Club and Momento. I won’t say anything besides if you haven’t seen these movies you have to watch them too. Twice. They will blow your mind.

What’s the worst ending you’ve seen in a movie?
Two movies come to mind: The Prestige and Gone Girl. Both movies had me completely enthralled and on the edge of my seat…then let me down at the end.

The Prestige are you watching closelyI love Christopher Nolan movies. He is nothing short of brilliant. I also love Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, so my expectations for The Prestige were so high. As with all of Nolan’s movies I’ve seen, I was holding my breath, trying to figure out what was going happen and just totally captivated by the story. Unfortunately, at the end of The Prestige I was left feeling underwhelmed. So I don’t give anything away, I’ll just say the end felt incongruous with the rest of the movie.

Gone GirlSimilarly with Gone Girl, the story was totally gripping, the plot twists were shocking, and the cast was wonderful…but the end left something to be desired (to put it gently). I read the book before so I knew how it ended, but interviews with Ben Affleck and author Gillian Flynn led me to believe the ending in the movie would be totally different. So imagine my surprise and disappointment when the credits roll and nothing had changed. Totally unfulfilling.

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