The Fault In Our Stars: Movie Review

The Fault in Our Stars movie posterMovie: The Fault In Our Stars

Director: Josh Boone

Writers: Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber (The Spectacular Now(500) Days of Summer)

Length: 2 hours, 6 minutes

Rating: ☆☆☆☆ ½ – Great

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley
as Hazel Grace Lancaster


Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort
as Agustus Waters



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Remind me what it’s about…
Young love, life and the Literal Heart of Jesus. Hazel is terminally ill with lung cancer is content to live out the rest of her days reading and binge watching America’s Next Top Model reruns on Lifetime. That is, until she meets Augustus “Gus” Waters in the Literal Heart of Jesus. ~*~babe alert~*~ After meeting the dazzlingly charming Gus, Hazel is conflicted between getting to know him better and limiting the people she hurts in her inevitable death.

What did you think?
Hold on while I dry my tears. *grabs mop*

I love this movie and I love Shailene Woodley and I love Ansel Elgorgeous and I hate John Green for writing such beautiful characters I can’t befriend and date in real life. It’s engaging, it’s funny, it’s painful, it’s smart, it’s beautiful, it’s real and it gives a new meaning to “okay.”

But I will say The Fault In Our Stars isn’t for everyone. This is a great movie if you are a (probably female) tween/teen/young adult. It’s definitely a girl’s night/chick flick kind of movie (sorry for being horribly sexist). But if that’s what floats your boat, then this is the movie for you. TFIOS made me laugh, cry, contemplate life, laugh again, then cry a lot. I went through an infinite amount of emotions in a limited time.

Was it a good adaptation?
Definitely; it’s one of my favorite adaptations. Woodley and Elgorgeous bring Hazel and Augustus to life in the most (emotionally and physically) beautiful way imaginable. When John Green writes unrealistically perfect characters (like Hazel and Gus), it’s no small task to fill that role. Fortunately for us, Woodley and Elgorgeous were actually born from the heavens to be Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. They’re charming, captivating, they’re chemistry is enviable and I can’t imagine anyone else playing these parts.

There’s always some differences but they were pretty minor and I don’t think they affected the story/themes at all. The main advantage the book had over the movie was the cheese factor. Augustus’ spiel about his cigarette metaphor and his declaration of love (and half the things from Augustus Waters’ mouth) read better than they were heard. It’s easier to get away with cheese and drama in written word than it is in spoken word. Some things just sound a little too much when said out loud.

But I don’t think the movie as a whole was cheesy, just that it is TFIOS‘ one minor flaw. Overall, it was great movie and a nearly perfect adaptation.

Should I watch?
Yes, with a box of tissues on standby.

Here’s The Fault In Our Stars trailer:


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