I’m Back!



I know I took an unexpected hiatus, but my life has been crazy – all good things, but crazy nonetheless.

In July I was busy being a camp counselor and making sure all my little babies tweens were having the best weeks of their summers. At the start of August my family was on vacation and that was fun but left little down time, then I landed a job for an awesome ebook deals site called BookBub! I’ll be working at book based company…so shocking, right? I’m thrilled to have a bookish job in my favorite city and now I can’t wait to get back to blogging regularly again!

A little more on BookBub…if you like ebooks then you definitely need to sign up. BookBub alerts you to limited-time free & discounted ebooks matching your interests. You tell them what books you like and your favorite genres, then they send you ebooks based on your preferences that are on sale (usually under $3) or even free! You can opt to have BookBub send you emails every day with suggestions and/or browse through the genres. It’s a great source for you or anyone you know who loves ereading.

I’m sorry I was gone so long so suddenly; but a lot of exciting things were happening and now I can back to my blog and be better than ever!

I love you, friends!
dancing baby