About Me

Briana Gomes

I’m a Boston University graduate and often escape into the alternate realities I find in the books I read and movies I watch. When the pressure of work, being a twentysomething and my lack of a personal life gets too much, books and movies are always there for me to delve into and clear my mind. When I become submersed into a different reality, whether it be a book or a movie, it becomes my actual reality; I am completely enveloped into the world of the story I’m reading/watching (or at least for any good book/movie).

Other things I love are writing, baseball, eating, sleeping, playing winning games and watching TV. I’m an extremely competitive and passionate person. So, when I care about something it becomes the top priority in my life and I give it 100%; whether it be playing Taboo with my friends, watching the Red Sox in the playoffs, reading the entire Hunger Games trilogy in a weekend or perfecting a blog post. I tend to feel very strongly about things and may use caps lock in my reviews when feeling particularly EXCITED about something or if the RAGE is intense. You’ve been warned.

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You can also find out about my professional experience on LinkedIn and read my personal blog.

email: brianalynngomes@gmail.com

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