Monday Movie Meme

Several years ago, Molly from the wonderful Bumbles Blog created a Monday Movie Meme when she couldn’t find any existing ones. However, since her the birth of her son she hasn’t had the time to keep up with the Monday Movie Meme. But she has so many great and creative memes just sitting there, collecting dust from years past so I thought we should put them to use again! Molly has graciously agreed to allow me to use her memes on my blog since she’s had to retire from it. I’ll be using some of her memes (making my own additions and edits) as well as creating some memes of my own.

I’ll post a new meme every Monday and everyone is welcome to join. You can publish a post on your own blog or write in the comments. If you post on your own blog make sure you link back add your post to the InLink widget in that week’s meme.

Monday Movie Meme

Upcoming Monday Movie Memes

Please excuse me while I put a brief pause on my Monday Movie Memes…

TBA: And the Academy Award goes to…
What is your favorite Oscar winner for Best Picture?
What Best Picture do you think was overrated?
What movie(s) do you think should have won Best Picture but didn’t?

TBA: Haven’t I Read This?
What are some of the best book-to-movie adaptations?
What are some of the worst book-to-movie adaptations?

TBA: There’s Something In My Eye…
What movie(s) made you cried the most while watching?
Are there any movies that you cried during even though you’d seen it before?
Has any movie(s) surprised you by making you cry?

TBA: Eye Candy
Who are you favorite movie hunks and babes?

Past Monday Movie Memes
The Year You Were Born (4/13/15)
Great Expectations (4/20/15)
Encore Presentation (4/27/15)
Star Wars (5/4/15)
Second Chances (5/11/15)
Top Ten (5/18/15)
Sports (5/25/15)
Good Cop, Bad Cop (6/1/15)
Memorable Endings (6/15/15)
Déjà Vu (6/22)
Show Tunes (6/29)
Whose Line It Is Anyway? (7/6)

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